Weightlifting Cycle


Please reserve your spot in class! We cap at 15 and our coaches need to be able to prep for class.
If you have any issues with the WODIFY app please let Nate or Jamie know

CrossFit Trivium – Specialty Cycle

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Thoracic whips 20 each direction, thoracic extension with medicine ball, calf mobilization with kettlebell 2 min each side

Bench press 4 sets of 8 (10-15 pound heavier than previous week) super set with seated military presses 6-8 reps as heavy as good for form allows rest as needed between sets

Clean and jerk complex- every 1.5 min for 5 rounds 2 clean grip deadlifts + 1 hang squat clean thruster build to something moderately heavy(70% of clean and jerk)

From the last weight lifted from part A then every min for 5 rounds 1 FULL squat clean and push jerk

4 rounds – as heavy as possible suitcase carry for 1min- into 1 min L-sit hold on parallet or hanging – 1 min of weighted back squat hold

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