What Our Gyms Offers

Top-Rated Fitness Programs In Brentwood and Nipper's Corner


Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. CrossFit is designed for everyone. It is scalable in all aspects making it the perfect fitness regime for any committed individual regardless of experience. All of our CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, the core movements of life.

Open Gym

Can’t make class but want to get in your training? Following a competitive program and looking for a world class facility? Need some extra time to squat? Open gym is for you. Access to a world class facility with all the CrossFit toys you need, open gym only membership is for training outside of class times and group fitness.

Individual Design/Personal Training

If you are not interested in group classes, we offer other training programs designed just for you. It will be a customized training program tailored for you and your current fitness abilities and goals. These range from one on one personal training, to program design executed on your own during open gym or at home in your garage. We can deliver this to anyone, anywhere in the world. It all depends on the athlete, and the goals.


Recess Barbell is for moderate to advanced student athletes who are looking to improve overall health, receive general strength and conditioning for sports and achieve peak fitness. Led by a coach, this program builds confidence, power, strength and endurance.


Our Yoga classes are tailored for recovery and rejuvenation. We want to teach the value of Yoga as a tool for only fitness, but for general wellness, health, peace and vitality.

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