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What Makes CrossFit Trivium Different?

Establishing healthy movement, broad fitness and mental resilience in a supportive community. 

Every day, we ask our bodies to move in countless different ways. We bend down and pick things up, we put things over our heads, squat down, stand up, and run after the bus or chase down a cab. CrossFit utilizes movements from weightlifting, gymnastics, and sports conditioning that improve these real-life activities and performs them in endless variety and at high intensity. In turn, your body is always adapting, getting stronger, faster, better conditioned over a period of months and years.

At CrossFit Trivium we work with every member as an individual, modifying movements and workouts to fit age, experience, goals and ability. Our program is designed for GPP (General Physical Preparedness) and uses CrossFit’s methodology of high intensity training which is infinitely scalable to fit any person at any stage. Our Workout of the Day (WOD’s) are programmed by Will Moorad (2019 worlds 10th fittest man) and expertly delivered by our trained Coaches. Every person works towards the same goal, advancing their fitness level, whatever that may be.


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