CrossFit – Tue, Aug 22


Prom of the Decades for ALS | Sept. 2nd @ 7PM!


Food, desserts & drinks are provided! *Drinks include soda, water, beer, wine, champagne, hard seltzer, AND signature mocktail!

CrossFit Trivium – CrossFit

Daily Focus (No Measure)

Today, we will be starting things off with some strict pull-up strength work and building into our progression for the unbroken set of strict pull-ups. We are using the max set we hit last week and taking a percentage of that max to complete 8 Sets @ 30% of that number. So if the number was 10 we would be aiming for 3 reps for the 8 sets. By resting as minimally as possible to get the 8 sets done we are allowing for density to play a factor in strict pull-up development. With that being said, we would love to work for perfect strict reps, so allow for enough rest to keep these sets looking clean and efficient.

We will then be moving into a conditioning piece that is meant to develop both aerobic and muscular stamina. We are looking for a work to rest ratio of 4:1 to allow for enough recovery to keep consistency across all 3 sets, while also pushing the body to develop more stamina. A note that we do have specifically a “kipping” variation of the pull-up to develop better coordination and power through the hips and the arms. We will not allow butterfly today as that is not the goal. If you need to scale, we are looking to move to a different variation of pulling motion, so the ring row at a challenging position would be the target for scaling purposes. We are doing this because of the strict pull-ups in the strength portion of today’s workout. This will keep overall volume appropriate when building strength.

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Sets

1:00 minute Bike or Run

10 S capular Pull-Ups (1 sec pause on each contraction of the lats at the top)

10 Alternating Single Arm Russian Kettlebell Swings

5/5 Archer Ring Rows

20 Plate Toe Taps

Strict Pull-ups (8 Rounds for reps)

8 Sets x 30% of Max Unbroken Reps

Rest as minimally between sets to maintain unbroken reps

*Complete with band if needed
Remember, this is based off of the Max Unbroken reps you achieved last week.

If you achieved 12 reps as your max unbroken set this would mean that you do 8 sets of 4 reps in as minimal time as possible.

Ideally this is completed in 6:00-8:00 minutes, but we are putting a cap on it to be generous and allow us to know a time frame for this piece.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


3 Sets:


400m Run

30/21 Calorie Echo Bike

20 American Kettlebell Swings 53/35

10 Kipping Pull-Ups

Rest 2:00 minutes between sets

*Always start back at the 400m Run


3 Sets


400m Run

30/21 Calorie Echo Bike

20 American Kettlebell Swings 70/53

20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Rest 2:00 minutes between sets

*Always start back at the 400m Run

Bonus Fitness (No Measure)

4 Sets, For Quality

6-8 Barbell Cuban Press 40×1 Tempo

10/10 Single Leg GHD Hip Extensions

100ft Reverse Sled Drags