CrossFit – Sat, Jun 22


June 29th – Squat Therapy and Deadlift Rehab (8:00am) Nipper’s Corner Location

This is a free Clinic designed to help you improve your squat and deadlift mechanics.

What to expect:

-Proper movement sequencing and muscle activation.

-1-on-1 Movement analysis and assessment

-Drills and Techniques to help improve any issues

If you have ever had joint pain after a squat or deadlift session, this day is for you!

CrossFit Trivium – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds

12 Calorie Bike


10 PVC Upright Rows

:10 Handstand Hold


2 Rounds

3 Power Clean

3 Push-ups/HandstandPush-ups


Warm-up to Working weight and partner up

HolleyTeam (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



15/12 Calorie Echo Bike

5/5 Alt. Push ups (partner waits in plank)

4 Power Clean (135/95)



15/12 Calorie Ski

5/5 Alt. HS Push ups (partner waits in HS)

4 Power Clean (185/135)
This team workout is a mixed bag! First, we’re going to perform 15/12 Calories on the Erg, split anyway you’d like. Then we have you go I go HSPU but the non working partner has to be holding a handstand or plank or DBs in the front rack. After this, partners will be doing one clean at a time for a total of 4 reps. If you have beginners doing KBS they can perform 4 reps, you go I go.