CrossFit – Mon, May 13


Cold Plunge is under renovation. We will have it up and running as soon as possible .

The Sauna is still availaible

CrossFit Trivium – CrossFit

Daily Focus (No Measure)

The main workout is meant more for building skill and weightlifting capacity then as something meant to challenge athletes to complete. Have them build over the course of the EMOM to something heavy for 3 reps on the Low Hang Squat Snatch if they have the capacity, while for others you can keep them at lower weights and just stay across working on technical proficiency past the knees and through the hips into a great Squat Snatch. A note that scaling for this today should be to a Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat combo to limit the technical needs for athletes on the day. For Ring Muscle-Ups we will either work on a skill progression for stronger athletes, or work into a strength progression for those athletes that need to build strength before attempting to layer in the higher level skill of the Ring Muscle-Up. The bike is meant to challenge athletes just enough and get them breathing heavy, but should be able to be completed at 75% effort in under the minute, which will allow them time to catch their breath and adjust loads during the rest minute.

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Sets

5 Inchworm to Hollow Hold

10 Hollow Rocks

20 second Extended Plank Reverse Bridge

10 PVC Pipe Pass Throughs

9/7 Calorie Echo Bike


Coach Led Barbell Warm-up

Snatch Pull + Hang Squat Snatch (2 Rounds for weight)

Every 2:00 x 5

Pause Snatch Pull + Low Hang Squat Snatch

Starting at 40% of Hang Snatch and Buildinto to 70%

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)


EMOM x 20

Min 1: 3 Low Hang Squat Snatch

Min 2: -Max Ring Dips

Min 3: 12/9 Calorie Echo Bike

Min 4: Rest

EMOM x 20

Min 1: 3 Low Hang Squat Snatch

MIn 2: -Max Ring Muscle-Ups

Min 3: 15/11 Calorie Echo Bike

Min 4: Rest
Sub Ring Dips w/ Ring Push-ups

*Have boxes set up if necessary to allow people to do Ring Dips at RMU height

% on the Low Hang Squat Snatch should be at 70%+ of 1RM Snatch (building)

Bonus Fitness (No Measure)

3 Sets, or Quality

:20 second L-Sit

10 GHD Russian Twists

-Max Unbroken Feet Elevated Ring Rows