CrossFit – Fri, Jun 23


Ring Muscle Up Clinic

July 15th 11:00am


CrossFit Trivium – CrossFit

Daily Brief (No Measure)

Today, we are solely focused on getting ready and priming the system for tester style workout. This workout will test leg stamina, grip, and overall aerobic capacity as there is really nowhere to hide today as each movement has a tendency to jack up the heart rate and rapidly increase respiration. We want to really spend some time today going through those progressions and making sure athletes feel that they have a good quality scale for the workout today. We would rather see athletes scale to a movement that allows for speed of repetition rather than just a pure strength movement today for the bar muscle-ups, so take that into account when choosing the correct scale.

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Sets, For Quality

200m Run

10 PVC Pass Throughs

6/6 Single Arm KB Front Squats

6/6 Single Arm KB Push Press

6/6 Single Arm Ring Row s

10 Ring V-Out s

Time Cap 10:00


15:00 Building weight in Overhead Squat. Working on Gymnastics Skill Work and setting up equipment

Metcon (Time)


For Time:

400m Run

21 Dual Kettlebell Thrusters 35/25lb

15 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

21 Overhead Squats 95/6

Rest 2:00 minutes

400m Run

15 Dual Kettlebell Thrusters 35/25lb

12 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

15 Overhead Squats 95/65lb

Rest 2:00 minutes

400m Run

9 Dual Kettlebell Thrusters 35/25lb

9 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

9 Overhead Squats 95/65lb,


For Time:

400m Run

21 Dual Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35lb

15 Bar Muscle-Ups

21 Overhead Squats 95/65lb

Rest 2:00 minutes

400m Run

15 Dual Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35lb

12 Bar Muscle-Ups

15 Overhead Squats, 115/75lb,

Rest 2:00 minutes

400m Run

9 Dual Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35lb,

9 Bar Muscle-Ups

9 Overhead Squats 135/95lb,
Time Domain: 18:00-25:00 minutes

Time Cap: 30:00 minutes

Primary Objective: Fastest Overall Time

Secondary Objective: Complete Each movement in 2 Sets or Less

Stimulus: Muscular Endurance + Stamina / Lactate Threshold

RPE: 9/10

Bonus Fitness (No Measure)

3 Rounds for Quality:

12/12 Dual Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat

8/8 Jumping Bulgarian Split Squats (Unweighted)

-Directly into max effort Wall Sit @ parallel

R: 2:30-3:00 b/s