CrossFit – Wed, Mar 13

CrossFit Trivium – CrossFit

Daily Focus (No Measure)

Today, we are tackling our Back Squat progression and moving into sets of 2-4 reps with the emphasis on getting to a “heavy” double for the day. The goal here should be a weight that athletes still feel that they have another 2 reps in the tank. A note that the time for these sets is moved out to being on a 3:00 minute clock in an effort to allow athletes to really tackle these sets well and hit the % with maximum force production. This provides beneficial neuromuscular benefits that carry over to better maximal strength gains as well as injury protection. We have included some light primers for Toe to Bar, and athletes can hit some jump rope sets in warm-up as well if they feel antsy. We will then move into the main workout with the emphasis on building up loads to our working weight and having a targeted warm-up and progression for the Power Clean. Spend the time there and know that athletes will need about 5:00-7:00 minutes to get to working weights. The workout should allow for athletes to keep moving with quick singles on the Power Cleans and get at least 5 rounds with the goal of having them get to 6 rounds and higher level athletes even further.

Warm-up (No Measure)

2-3 Sets

30 second Double Under or Double Under Practice

25’e Lateral Band Walk

25’e Banded Monster Walk

8 Romanian Deadlifts

8 Back Squats

8 V-ups

Back Squat (Every 3:00 x 5
Set 1: 4 @ 77%
Set 2: 4 @ 80%
Set 3: 3 @ 82%
Set 4: 3 @ 85%
Set 5: 2 @ 87%

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)




Power Clean, 155/105

5 Toes to Bar

25 Double Unders




Power Clean, 205/145

10 Toes to Bar

25 Double Unders

Bonus Fitness (No Measure)

4 Sets, For Quality

10 Supine Grip Bent Over Barbell Rows

Rest 1:00 minute

7 Bicep Reverse Curls + 7 Dumbbell Hammer Curls + 7 Dumbbell Curls

Rest 1:00 minute

-Max Effort Chin Over Bar Hold

Rest 2:00 minutes between sets