CrossFit – Wed, Jun 7

CrossFit Trivium – CrossFit

Daily Focus (No Measure)

We are working into a broken Snatch complex today with the goal of reinforcing quality hip contact and speed under the bar as we move to the floor for the final rep of the complex. By resting 20 seconds into the final lift we will allow for a consistent strong pull and develop more power on the lift. We are going to utilize this throughout the cycle in order to build to new 1RM’s during test week! We will then move into a fun little triplet today that was built off the style of the CrossFit workout “The Chief”. This one is meant to be heavier on the KB Snatch, but we understand that some athletes have issues here with banging there forearms, so we can move to dumbbell snatches if necessary. The box jump is also high, so scale that appropriately for anyone that may have issues with the height. Alternatively, moving to a high stick jump over would work as well.

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Sets, For Quality:

:30 Second Wall Sit Hold

10 Sumo Squats

5 Inchworm Push-Ups

10 Lu Raises , Light Load

:30 Second Barbell Glute Bridge Hold, 45/35lb (20/15kg)


2 Sets(1st round with Coach)

3 Snatch Grip Deadlift @45/35lb (20/15kg)

3 Snatch High Pulls

3 Muscle Snatches

3 Power Snatches

3 Overhead Squats

3 Full Snatch

Rest 1:00 minute between sets

High Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch + Snatch (Every 2:00 x 6
1 High Hang Snatch
1 Hang Snatch
Rest 20 seconds
1 Snatch

Starting @ 60% of your 1rm Snatch and increasing the load each set. Reminder, that these reps are Squat Snatches.

Primary Objective: Aim to finish at 80-85% of your 1rm Snatch

Secondary Objective: Speed ​​Under the Barbell.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


5 Sets, For Reps:

3 minute AMRAP

4 Box Jumps @ 24/20”

4/4 Dumbbell Hang Snatches, 50/35

12 Air Squats

Rest 1:00 minute between sets


5 Sets, For Reps:

3 minute AMRAP

4 Box Jumps @ 30/24″

4/4 Single Arm Kettlebell Snatches, 53/35

6/6 Pistol Squats

Rest 1:00 minute between sets
Pick back up where you left off each round

Give time to practice KB Snatches before the workout. *note KB Snatches are from the Hang

All 6 Pistol Squats on one leg before switching to the other.

Bonus Fitness (No Measure)

Optional Accessories

3 Sets, For Quality

8 Cuban Rotations

10 Chest Supported Trap 3 Raise

12 Bear Plank Pull Throughs