CrossFit – Tue, May 7


Cold Plunge is under renovation. We will have it up and running as soon as possible .

The Sauna is still availaible

CrossFit Trivium – CrossFit

Daily Brief (No Measure)

Today, we are tackling an 8:00 minute EMOM with the focus of hitting each set of 5 reps as fast as possible. We are looking to hit these as speed reps to teach the arms to fire fast and punch strong overhead. The goal is to hit each set fast and have the rest of the minute to rest and get ready to tackle the next set fast and with conviction. Keep the sets light enough to allow for speed and body position. This matters more than the load on the bar.

We will then move into a challenging couplet of Toe to Bar and Burpee Box Jump Overs. We will allow the Burpee Box Jump Overs to be lateral or box facing which should allow for better class management and keep space a little tighter. Also, if you don’t have enough space or boxes you should start athletes on a one minute delay, so that half the class is resting as the other half is working.

Warm-up (No Measure)


2 Sets, For Quality

40 second Elevated Prayer Stretch

20 second Extended Reverse Plank Bridge

General Prep

3 Sets, For Quality

5/5 Single Arm Kettlebell Strict Press

10 sec Wall Facing Handstand Hold

5 Strict Knee to Chest

10 Box Step-Ups

Strict Press (EMOM x 8
5 Strict Press (AFAP)
@ 50-60%

AFAP=As Fast as Possible

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

6 Rounds for Max Reps

1:00 AMRAP / 1:00 Rest

10 Toe to Bar

Max Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20”


15 Toes to Bar

Bonus Fitness (No Measure)

3 Sets, For Quality

10 Dual Dumbbell Bench Press

15 Banded Face Pulls

20/20 second Side Plank