CrossFit – Tue, Aug 8

CrossFit Trivium – CrossFit

Daily Focus (No Measure)

Today, we are starting things off with a fun little plyometric primer / test with the stick jump over. What we like about this, is that any athlete can utilize this, even at a very low height of 8’’ off the floor. We then will just gradually increase the height to a level the athlete feels good and confident with. If they miss, they just hit the PVC Pipe. We will then move into a barbell cycling / capacity test with “Not Gwen” This workout will challenge your want and ability to hang onto the bar for an extended period of time. This will pump out the grip and the quads. We want to remember to reinforce turnover and drive through the middle while dropping the hips on the descent into the next rep.

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Sets

10 PVC Pass-Throughs

10 PVC Around the Worlds

:30 second PVC Pipe Prayer Stretch

10 PVC Pipe Standing Thoracic Rotations


2 Sets

6 Tall Muscle Snatch

6 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Jerk

6 Barbell Squat Jumps

Metcon (3 Rounds for weight)

For Max Load


Power Snatch

Rest as needed between sets

Choice on load for the 15, then the 12, then the 9. Total load is the score of the day
This workout is meant to be a fun little challenge for the community today. We are tackling unbroken sets of Power Snatches with no clock. This means that the athlete has the choice to choose the loads and decide when to tackle them.

We want to work on barbell cycling patterns here and keeping the barbell close while also keeping the chest tall as we move to the floor. Work to push the bar to the floor as we don’t want to stop momentum on the thighs or loose tension by letting the barbell pull us to the floor. Think smooth and fast. For quick singles, the focus is going to shift to dropping the hips at the start of each rep as the tendency will be to leave those high when going back down for the next rep. For scaling, we can go to Hang Power Snatches and or lighten the load. We could also go to American KBS or Alternating DB Snatches for those that are limited with a barbell in their hands.

Seated Box Jump (Distance)

Start sitting on a box at 90 degrees. Explode off the box in one motion and jump over a PVC pipe coming off of a box. Start at 24/20’’ and increase the height of the pvc pipe on each subsequent set. This allows for a safer jump for height as well as working on our ability to land with control. The focus is to pull the knees to the chest as high as possible after exploding into the jump in order to clear the PVC pipe.
EMOM x 10 for Max Height

Bonus Fitness (No Measure)

3 Sets, For Quality

:15 second Extended GHD Supine Hold

:20/:20 second Single Arm Ring Plank

8 Cuban Press