CrossFit – Fri, Jul 7


Tuesday, July 4th, 1 Class at 9:00am. Open Gym until 12:00pm


Ring Muscle Up Clinic

July 15th 11:00am

Sign ups at the Front


Kip Swing Techniques

How to Safely Turn-over and Catch in the Dip Position

CrossFit Trivium – CrossFit

Daily Focus (No Measure)

Today we are getting into our Front Squat strength progression and working upwards of 85%+ for 2 sets of 2 reps with 30 seconds between sets. The goal should be to hit all 3 sets at 85% with the option to go heavier if the body is feeling it today. We will then go to a choice on load for Back Rack Reverse Lunges. We should be focused on going for something heavy for 5 reps on each leg. Our conditioning piece will be taking Thrusters from the floor and then moving into a quality push / pull strength endurance workout that will keep athletes moving and developing a quality pump!

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Sets, For Quality

1:00 Machine Choice

10 Cossack Squats

20 Plank Shoulder Taps

:30sec Glute Bridge Hold

5 Broad Jumps For Distance

Time Cap 10:00

Strength (6 Rounds for weight)

Every 2:30 x 6

Sets 1-3: Front Squat Clusters

2.2 @ 85%+

Rest 30 seconds between clusters

Sets 4-6: 5/5 Back Reverse Lunges

Choice on Load

Rest 30 seconds per leg
All 5 Reps on one leg. Rest :30 then all 5 reps on the other leg

Metcon (Time)


7 Rounds, For Time:

7 Burpee Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

7 Thrusters (105/80)


7 Rounds for Time

7 Burpee Bar Muscle Up

7 Thrusters (155/105)

Bonus Fitness (No Measure)

3 Sets, For Quality

8-10 DB Bench Press

8-10 Wall Facing Handstand Push-Ups or Box Pike Handstand Push-Ups

100ft Reverse Sled Drag, For Load