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Gym Reopening & Rules

Athletes & Members

We are beyond excited to start classes back! That being said, before we all go to the gym guns a-blazin’, we want to remind you all of a few things.

Please be respectful of everyone’s space and opinions. We all have different viewpoints, risk factors, and fears in regards to COVID-19 – do not run up to people you haven’t seen in awhile and give them a hug… they may have missed you too, but they may also have someone at home with a compromised immune system and you have now given them anxiety for the next 2 weeks. Let’s work on sharing our excitement verbally and stay 6 feet apart from each other. 

  • Classes will be limited to 8 athletes per class.
  • You MUST reserve your spot in class in Wodify, if you do not and there are more than 6, you will be turned away.. please don’t make us do this!!
  • We’ve added class times to the schedule, there will now be a 7:00AM and 12:30PM Class in addition to normal class times.
  • PLEASE be on time, classes will be strict with time simply due to the regulations we have to follow for setup, cleaning, and entry.
  • If you are early, please do not enter the gym until 5 minutes before class time. We have to control the number of people in the gym for now.
    • Keep this in mind if you typically change in and out of gym clothes at the gym – you will not be able to come into the gym any earlier than the 5 minute time frame
  • There will be a designated wait/warmup area when you enter the gym, as well as a designated training area during class time.
  • Upon entry, at the start of class your coach will screen you for symptoms of Covid-19.  If you have any symptoms, STAY HOME!!
    • YES OR NO Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
    • YES OR NO Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat?
    • YES OR NO Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?
  • Once you have been screened you will be asked to immediately wash your hands.
  • Classes will start on time, and end on time. Entry and exit will be different doors. Your coaches will direct you, please be attentive!
  • There will be NO WATER FOUNTAIN(SORRY!!) Bring your own full water bottle if you typically use it.
  • There will be no showers.
  • There will be no use of lockers or cubbies in the bathrooms. We ask that you bring a gym bag, and keep it with you or in the designated area.
  • There will be no sweat towels, please bring your own, and keep it with you. All towels at the gym are reserved for cleaning.
  • There will be no sharing of equipment during workouts ( once you choose a pullup bar… no wandering )
  • There will be no person to person touching (including high fives..) this sucks but lets perfect the AIR FIVE for now

You can begin reserving your spot in classes now in the wodify app, or online. Please please please make sure you do this!

Remote Programming will continue as an option, but there will be no more ZOOM classes. If you have borrowed equipment and you are coming to class, please bring it with you. If you DO NOT plan to take any classes at this time and want to keep doing remote training, you may hang on to what you have borrowed for as long you’re not coming back to the gym. If you’re going to come to the gym at all, please bring the equipment back.

Open gym hours will start on Monday (5/4) by reservation only. The restrictions on social distancing and 50% occupancy applies to open gym too. If you decide to just show up and those slots are full, we will, unfortunately, have to ask you to come back later. You can start reserving your spots on Sunday. Open gym times:

  • M-F | 8am-11am
  • M-F | 1:30pm-4pm

312B Wilson Pike Cir.
Nashville TN 37027

2020 CrossFit Trivium

We're back!!!

But there's some important things you need to know before coming to class - we are following strict guidelines to ensure your safety and that we get to remain open.