What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness program designed around the things you do in the real world.

Every day, we ask our bodies to move in countless different ways. We bend down and pick things up, we put things over our heads, squat down, stand up, and run after the bus or chase down a cab. CrossFit utilizes movements from weightlifting, gymnastics, and sports conditioning that improve these real-life activities and performs them in endless variety and at high intensity. In turn, your body is always adapting, getting stronger, faster, better conditioned over a period of months and years.

Constantly Varied

Bored with your current fitness routine?

High Intensity

Scaled to every athlete's physical and mental capabilities. RESULTS!

Highly Functional

CrossFit is designed as highly functional fitness. Movements for your LIFE!

CrossFit develops both fitness as well as skill which takes time and practice to master.  It was designed to develop both physiological as well as neuromuscular abilities, which means it can improve anything from playing with your kids to performing sports at an elite level.  CrossFit Trivium utilizes CrossFit to train our our community to achieve enhanced overall fitness, prepare for specific fitness goals and activities, and live the best life possible!

  • Testimonial
    Lori Christian, Publicist-VP, Universal Music Group Nashville

    I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes in four months and I didn't start CrossFit until about 8 weeks after having my son. The results were immediate. I have definitely gained more strength than any other work regimen I have done in the past. I like that I never feel like I am doing the same workout. Each day is different. I like that I can track my personal goals and see results that show I am getting stronger. I like that everyone is really friendly and encouraging.

  • Testimonial
    James Nail, Branch Manager for 7Fold Technologies Nashville, TN

    The trainers are excellent, they have several different classes to accommodate a busy schedule and most importantly the people that work out there are awesome to be around.  The entire experience keeps me motivated everyday to work on my strengths and weaknesses. I am glad to be a part of Trivium as they are a part of me now.

  • Testimonial
    Andrew Wood, Law Student at Belmont University

    I chose Trivium after spending a year walking past the box and reading the sign "Someone who is busier than you is in here right now" and telling myself that I should sign up.  I wish I had signed up sooner. Since starting CrossFit 3 months ago, I have lost 22 pounds and cut 6% body fat.  It gives me more energy, improves my mood, and increases my confidence throughout my life. There is a level of teamwork that I haven't seen since I played organized sports in high school.

  • Testimonial
    Cherie Wurst, stay-at-home mom

    There is a sense of pride because we all have to start somewhere and I was accepted from the start where I was at in my life. Not only has entering the box helped my self esteem but it's been a place where I feel the coaches and clients alike genuinely care for each other ...feels like being with family.  

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