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CrossFit Brentwood Hills – CrossFit

1: Row (No Measure)

4x 300m row fast pace

2: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4x 3 min. AMRAPS

5 ring dips

10 ring rows

3 min. rest

5 burpees

10 squats



CrossFit Brentwood Hills – CrossFit


1: 5 min. AMRAP (No Measure)

10 ground to overhead #25 #15

10 thrusters #25 #15

2: Metcon (No Measure)


squat depth

overhead mobility


1 RM: all lifts
if you have any inconsistencies with anything in the list above, pick one and work on it! or row for 20min. also strategy for the OPEN

3: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 min.

10 thrusters #95 #65

15 dead lifts #95 #65

RX+ 135 95

modified 65 45


CrossFit Brentwood Hills – CrossFit

1: 4 min. EMOM (No Measure)

50 double under

10 pistols (5 per leg)

2: Hang Power Snatch (4 reps @ 70% (20min.)

3: Metcon (Time)



Toes 2 bar

OH lunge #45 #25 (L&R is 1)
RX+ deficit HSPU #4 #2

modify: box HSPU


CrossFit Brentwood Hills – CrossFit

CrossFit: the gift that keeps on giving!!
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1: 4x 30 on 30 off (No Measure)

Squat jumps, big hip extension

Bar hangs

2: Snatch Pull (Use 90-100% (20min.)

3: Metcon (Time)

20 touch and go cleans #135 #95

30 push ups

15 tng cleans #135 #95

25 push ups

10 tng cleans #135 #95

20 push ups

5 tng cleans #135 #95

15 push ups
Rx+ #185 #135

Modified #95 #55


CrossFit Brentwood Hills – Fundamentals


back squat

front squat

overhead squat


push press

split jerk

dead lift



Common Movement

pull ups

push ups

box jumps

wall balls

sit ups

kettle bell swings


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5 min. AMRAP

10 air squats

10push press

10 sit ups


CrossFit Brentwood Hills – CrossFit

CrossFit open starts saturday

1: 4x 30 on 30 off (No Measure)

Squat holds

Handstand holds

2: Overhead Squat (2 reps pause at bottom use 80% of 1RM)

3: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

15 min. EMOM

10 pull ups

5 burpees

RX+ chest 2 bar

Team WOD

CrossFit Brentwood Hills – CrossFit

Strength: Back Squat

Team workout: 21-15-9-3

Back Squat (Build to a Max set of 10)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Team WOD 21-15-9-3

One athlete works at a time and must complete a full round before tagging the next athlete in to work

Each round should be an unbroken sprint

21 wall balls 20/14

15 pull-ups (ring row mod)

9 burpees

3 deadlift 255/135

CrossFit Open at CFBH

CrossFit Brentwood Hills

And the 2015 CrossFit Open


The CrossFit open is upon us! We currently have 15 people signed up to compete in the open, but we would love to see more! This year CrossFit has added a scaled division to the open which will allow everyone to compete! We’re going to be holding special events each Saturday throughout the open season, kind of like our community WOD’s. Here are the details:



9:30 Athletes may begin arriving to warm up.
9:45 Nandor will go over WOD and movement standards
10am or shortly there after the first heat will commence. (Heat times and size will vary according to WOD times and equipment needed)
After your WOD your judge will turn in score cards to Shannon.


VERY IMPORTANT: The athlete is then responsible to enter there own score into the CrossFit Games main site or app. Scores will be verified by CFBH before the cutoff time on the following Monday. 


Every athlete (scaled or RX) will have a judge to verify movement and reps. Anyone interested in judging but not participating in the open, we need you! Please contact Shannon at


PLEASE CONSIDER THIS!! WE NEED JUDGES!! This will increase your knowledge of the movements in CrossFit making you a better athlete, and you’ll be a part of something great that builds our CFBH community. To sign up as a judge: